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Justice Central is a Canadian television channel owned by APTN. The channel is devoted to programming about aboriginal law, justice and issues. The channel launched on September 8, 2014.

The channel airs a mix of repeats of existing programming from APTN and its sister network FNX, as well as new original series. Programming includes documentaries, dramas, reality shows and news programming.

The channel is available on the following providers:

Bell TV






Justice Central airs the following programming:

Justice Matters

This weekly newsmagazine explores aboriginal justice issues and their impact on communities across Canada.

Innocent Until Proven Indigenous

This series tells the stories of aboriginal people who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit, and highlights the work of the Innocence Canada organization.

First Nations, Second Thoughts

This series offers a critical look at the history of aboriginal policy in Canada, and the ways in which aboriginal people have been marginalized by the justice system.


This documentary series explores unsolved murders and cold cases within aboriginal communities.

The Unfinished Journey

This series tells the stories of aboriginal people who have struggled to find justice in the Canadian justice system.

APTN Investigates

This newsmagazine series investigates issues affecting aboriginal people in Canada, with a focus on the justice system.

Aboriginal Peoples’ Court

This courtroom series offers a unique perspective on aboriginal justice, featuring hearings and sentencing decisions from a traditional aboriginal court.

The Fight for 15

This documentary series follows the journey of aboriginal people as they fight for justice and equality in the Canadian workforce.

What shows are on justice Central?

Justice Central is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The channel is a spin-off of Court TV, which itself was a spin-off of the Cable News Network (CNN). The channel primarily airs courtroom programs, documentaries and reality series related to law enforcement and criminal justice.

The channel’s programming includes original series such as “People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”, “Rape of Justice”, “The Jury Speaks”, “Murder Among Friends”, and “In Session”, as well as reruns of older series such as “Forensic Files”, “The First 48”, and “Unsolved Mysteries”.

What channel is justice Central?

Justice Central is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel owned by Channel Zero. The channel broadcasts a mix of courtroom shows, legal dramas and documentaries.

Justice Central is available on most Canadian cable and satellite providers.

How can I watch justice Central?

Justice Central is a channel that airs live coverage of Supreme Court proceedings. The channel is available to viewers in the United States and its territories.

Justice Central is available on the following cable and satellite providers:





Dish Network

Verizon FiOS

To watch Justice Central online, visit the following website:


What is justice central network?

What is justice central network?

The Justice Central Network (JCN) is a secure online resource for judges and court staff that provides access to information and services to support the judicial process. The JCN is the result of a collaborative effort between the Canadian Judicial Council and the Courts Administration Service.

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The JCN provides:

-Secure online access to information and services for judges and court staff

-A one-stop location for information and resources on court administration and judicial process

-A collaborative environment for the sharing of information and best practices between judges and court staff

The JCN is accessible to judges and court staff from all courts in Canada.

What Direct TV channel is Court TV on?

Court TV is a cable and satellite television channel that broadcasts live and recorded courtroom proceedings, legal news and documentaries, and other programming related to the law. It is available in the United States and Canada.

Court TV is available on the following direct TV channels:

Channel 217

Channel 218

Channel 219

Channel 220

Channel 221

Channel 222

Channel 223

Channel 224

Channel 225

Channel 226

Channel 227

Channel 228

Channel 229

Channel 230

Channel 231

Channel 232

Channel 233

Channel 234

Channel 235

Channel 236

Channel 237

Channel 238

Channel 239

Channel 240

Channel 241

Channel 242

Channel 243

Channel 244

Channel 245

Channel 246

Channel 247

Channel 248

Channel 249

Channel 250

Channel 251

Channel 252

Channel 253

Channel 254

Channel 255

Channel 256

Channel 257

Channel 258

Channel 259

Channel 260

Channel 261

Channel 262

Channel 263

Channel 264

Channel 265

Channel 266

Channel 267

Channel 268

Channel 269

Channel 270

Channel 271

Channel 272

Channel 273

Channel 274

Channel 275

Channel 276

Channel 277

Channel 278

Channel 279

Channel 280

Channel 281

Channel 282

Channel 283

Channel 284

Channel 285

Channel 286

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Channel 287

Channel 288

Channel 289

Channel 290

Channel 291

Channel 292

Channel 293

Channel 294

Channel 295

Channel 296

Channel 297

Channel 298

Channel 299

Channel 300

Is Court TV available on Direct TV?

Yes, Court TV is available on Direct TV. It is a cable network dedicated to live court proceedings and legal news. It is available on most providers, including DirecTV.

Where can I watch Court TV for free?

Court TV is a channel that broadcasts live court proceedings and trials. If you’re interested in watching court proceedings, trials, and other legal dramas, Court TV is the channel for you.

However, Court TV can be a little expensive to subscribe to. If you’re on a budget, you may be wondering if there are any ways to watch Court TV for free.

The good news is that there are a few ways to watch Court TV for free. The first way is to watch live proceedings on the Court TV website. The website broadcasts live court proceedings from all over the United States.

Another way to watch Court TV for free is to watch archived proceedings on the Court TV website. The website has an extensive archive of past court proceedings, which you can watch for free.

Finally, you can also watch Court TV on free, online streaming services such as Pluto TV and LiveStation. These services offer a wide range of live and archived content, including Court TV.